Our affiliated multi-specialty groups reap the rewards of private practice, including clinical autonomy and doctor ownership. However, unlike solo practitioners, they have a wealth of resources to support them with everything from new hire paperwork to marketing strategies. This means more time to do what you love, with zero financial risk, and less time spent on running your business.

We encourage doctors at all career levels to join our team. This provides opportunities for mentorship, shared learning, and professional growth.

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Clinical Autonomy
We believe that the best person to make decisions around patient care and treatment planning is the dentist. At an American Dental Partners supported practice, there are no quotas or sales goals, and we can never force a doctor owner to sell his or her shares. You will be empowered and entrusted to deliver the care and treatment plan that best suits the unique needs of your patient. We empower our doctors to deliver this level of care by supporting them with state of the art equipment, continuing education opportunities, and a competitive compensation plan that isn’t driven by goals, quotas, or overbooked schedules.
Multi-Specialty Groups
The group practice model allows an environment where collaboration and internal referrals thrive. As a specialist, you’ll reap the rewards of having a strong patient demand from your fellow team members all in the comfort of one home operatory. The ability of our affiliates to provide comprehensive, multi-specialty services to patients make them the dental provider of choice.
Commited to Quality
Committed to Quality
We take quality of care seriously. In doing so, we encourage our groups to obtain accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care and give them the resources to achieve it. This accreditation means that AAAHC’s independent team of health care professionals has found that we meet their rigorous, nationally recognized standards for health care services in areas such as infection prevention and control, quality management and improvement, risk management and environmental safety. It requires our affiliates to hold themselves to the highest standards and undergo a re-accreditation process every three years. Visit the AAAHC Website.
Meet the Team
Dr. Jan and Dr. Tim Wahl,
University Dental Associates

While Jan and Tim have a passion for dentistry, the group practice model at University Dental Associates in North Carolina has allowed them the work life balance necessary to fulfill other passions – like running their own vineyard.
Meet Drs. Jan and Tim Wahl…

Dr. Kimberly Denton-Koch,
Metro Dentalcare

Dr. Denton-Koch found the camaraderie and professional network she was looking for at Metro Dentalcare. She joined the group right out of residency, and has enjoyed the ability to focus on her patients and not administrative duties.
Meet Dr. Denton-Koch…